Our Mission and Objective


To train and equip the future teachers to face the emerging challenges of education in the 21st Century with dedication, compassion and discipline.


The institute sets its general objectives and specific objectives that include all the vital aspects like intellectual, academic training, emotional, social, community and national development and demands for developing universal brotherhood among the learners.

General Objective of Institution

To establish itself as an Institute of Brilliance in Teacher Education based on ancient vedic ethnicity and perception coupled with contemporary values.

Specific Objective of Institution

  • To facilitate the future teachers in identifying challenges in the process of teaching & learning.
  • To accentuate ‘How to Do?’ instead of merely ‘What to do?’ or ‘Why to do?’
  • To believe in ‘SWADHYAY’ (Self learning) and ‘SADHYAY’ (Group learning).
  • To keep pace with information and communication technology.
  • To initiate and experiment innovations in teacher education.
  • To enable prospective teachers to act as medium between the college and the environment.
  • To instill the Indian-Ethos and culture in prospective teachers for further transmitting in to the learners and environment.
  • To transform learners into accountable, devoted teachers and valued citizens.

Our Vission

To groom the students through self-learning and presentations for developing an analytical mind and pragmatic approach for churning out professionals in the field of education.

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